What we're looking for & How we're looking for them

What we're looking for & How we're looking for them

We're looking for

  • a quiet neighborhood
  • big kitchen
  • a little garden where we can grow what we want to eat
  • our bedroom
  • a room for work
  • a guest room
  • enough space for storage
  • marché nearby
  • one or two supermarkets nearby
  • a train station in 1.5km
  • preferably house over apartment
  • a house that doesn't look like it's built recently (so that I can have the experience of living in an old French house)

How we're looking for them

  • I don't know yet how much money I can borrow from the bank.
  • But I'm searching for houses with € 350k limit on and it helps me understand which area has more properties on sale.
  • I'm reading lots of reviews from I don't trust them 100% but to me it seems quite trustworthy. We got help from the website when we first moved into France.
  • We're listing down some areas after cross referencing between seloger and ville-ideale.
  • We will visit some of the places to see how it really looks like. The atmosphere, the streets, the cafes, the restaurants, etc.
  • And I heard it's good to search for the city names in to get ideas on what's going on there.