This archive documents my journey as a foreigner purchasing a house in France.

It didn't work out

I completely forgot to update on it. It didn't work out. The bank refused our loan proposal. It was a tough period for us and I guess for economy in general. I think they have tightened their budget and ran on conservative policies. The broker company I was working with was surprised to see some of their customers including us rejected. According to them, many of them are from non-EU countries. After the contract got canceled, we gave it up.

Our first view

We went to view a house. It was โ‚ฌ 332k. The bank told me they can lend me up to โ‚ฌ 300k, so this house is out of my budget but we decided to just visit and see what happens.

Talking to the bank

I've contacted my banker (I'm using BNP Paribas) to ask questions about purchasing a house and borrowing money for that.

Read & Watch

Here I list things I read & watch, or things to read & watch. This post will be updated as I progress.

Okay, let's get started.

It's been a year and half since my wife and I have moved to France. In the beginning of this year, we've sold an apartment we had in Korea. It gives us some money to invest on something. We were interested in real estate. I made an appointment with my bank for consultation, and... covid-19 happened.

List of areas

All the things I say here is just my personal opinion and just because of my preference. No offense to some of the areas, nor to the people who live there.